Guide to Print Publications

For brochures, booklets, postcards, posters, banners, invites, self-mailers, and other printed items

1.    Contact the College of Arts and Sciences Marketing Team

You will receive a confirmation email within 2 business days to let you know your request has been received. We will contact you with a production schedule and, if needed, establish a time for a concept meeting. PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCEPT JOBS WITH A DUE DATE OF "ASAP" OR "TBD." WE NEED TO HAVE A PHYSICAL DUE DATE. IF YOU SUBMIT A JOB WITH "ASAP" OR "TBD" YOU WILL BE CONTACTED FOR A PHYSICAL DUE DATE.

2.    Concept Meeting

This is a short meeting with you, the designer, project coordinator, and if needed other marketing staff members. We will meet to go over any questions about the project, discuss turnaround time, photography needs, where the piece will be printed, goals for the project and who will be the point person for the project. All proofs and changes/edits should be sent to one point person. This is the only person to send change to the designer. Standard turnaround time for a printed publication is 4 weeks for a postcard, invitation, or posters, 6-8 weeks or 30-40 business days for brochures and large publications. The process includes: 1-2 concept designs, design and print time. Mailings may need an extra week. If you would like more then 1-2 concept designs please note your production schedule will be longer, but additional concepts can be provided. 

3.    Production Schedule

You will receive a production schedule that includes the text deadline and, if needed, photography due dates and schedule for review of proofs. This is to make sure ample time is given to create the best end product for the client. Standard turnaround time for a printed publication is 4 weeks for a postcard, invitation, or posters, 6-8 weeks or 30-40 business days for brochures and large publications.

All final text must be submitted as one Word doc in an email attachment. Work will not start on your project until we have received your complete copy/text in this format.

Clients must submit all photos that must be used. Do not include them in the Word file.

If additional photography is needed or if no photography is submitted, the designer will pick appropriate photos from the CAS image galleries.

4.    First Proof

The first proof(s) will be designed based on the concept(s) discussed at the concept meeting, with the supplied text and photography that you have submitted. This proof should be shown to all groups that need to sign off on the concept(s). Work will not proceed unless we have approval from the point person.

5.    First Proof Returned to Designer

You will need to return the approved concept proof along with any edits to the copy/text, photography or design. At this time an accurate print quantity needs to be supplied to the designers. Supplying an accurate quantity will allow the designer to get an accurate quote and to adjust the design/or pricing to fit the client's budget.

6.    Second Proof

The second proof contains all of your requested changes and any adjustments that the designer had to make to accommodate the changes. 

7.    Second Proof Returned to Designer

You will return the second proof with minor edits to the copy/text or photography.

8.    Third Proof Sent Out

You will review the third and final proof to confirm all edits.

9.    Third Proof Returned to Designer

You will return the third proof with no changes and approval for print.

10.  Print Production Schedule 

The designer preps the files for printer, requests a delivery date and sends final design files to the printer. The printer will then send back a print production schedule. Once the files are at the printer we have a one- or two-week turnaround time, depending on the quantity needed and complexity of the print job.

11.  Project delivered to you or mailing services

If you do a mailing the designer will make arrangements to get the project to mailing services. You are responsible for getting the mailing list to mailing services.