Advanced Placement & College Credit

You can find a complete description of Lehigh University's Advanced Placement policy in the Lehigh University Catalog. For your convenience, we review here some highlights of that policy and the policy for transfer of college credit.


Current policies for the Class of 2026:



AP Exam Scores

If you have taken or plan to take the College Board Advanced Placement Examinations, be sure to have the scores sent to Lehigh University (code 002365).

Do not wait

to receive your results before having them sent to Lehigh. A delay in reporting will result in delayed placement and course registration. Reporting a 'low' score will not be to your disadvantage.

  • All scores must be received before the student has achieved sophomore standing (24 credits) for credit to be awarded.
  • We award credit and placement for scores of 4 or 5 on AP exams.

Chemistry Advanced Placement Policy

Four credit hours for CHM 030 are granted to students who earn a grade of 5 on the Advanced Chemistry Placement test.

English Composition Advanced Placement, ACT, SAT, and IB Policy

To receive credit for  ENGL 001 (3 credits), students must achieve one of the following: 
  • a score of 4 on either of the English AP exams
  • a score of 5 or higher on the IB exam
  • a score of 700-749 on the SAT Evidenced Based Reading Writing exam
  • a score of 32-34 on the ACT English exam
  • a score of 6 or higher on all three parts of the optional SAT essay exam
  • a score of 8 or higher on the ACT Optional Writing Test

To receive credit for ENGL 001 (3 credits) AND ENGL 002 (3 credits), students must achieve:
  • a score of 5 on either of the English AP exams
  • a score of 750-800 on the SAT Evidenced Based Reading Writing exam
  • a score of 35-36 on  the ACT English exam

Mathematics Advanced Placement, ACT, & SAT Policy

Advanced placement credit in mathematics is usually awarded for either MATH 012 (Basic Statistics), MATH 021 (Calculus 1), MATH 021 and 022 (Calculus I and II). Such advanced placement satisfies the mathematics distribution requirement. Please review the Calculus Placement and Mathematics Courses webpages for more information on Math courses at Lehigh. Below you will find Statistics and Calculus course credit policy:

A score of 4 or 5 on the AP Statistics exam may =
MATH 012 (4 credits)

A score of 4 or 5 on the AP Calculus AB exam OR
An AB subscore of 4 or 5 on the AP Calculus BC exam may =
MATH 021 (4 credits) 

A score of 4 or 5 on the AP Calculus BC exam may =
MATH 021 & 022 (8 credits) 

*Receiving credit for MATH 021 exempts a student from having to take MATH 051 or 081
Receiving credit for MATH 022 exempts a student from having to take MATH 052
Note that in 2020 and 2021, the AP exams have been administered under a revised curriculum due to COVID-19. The Mathematics Department AP credit policy has NOT been modified, but students with AP credit should be aware that some required topics may have been missed on the AP exam, and should make sure that their knowledge of these topics is sufficient. 

Foreign Language Credit

Credit in a foreign language will only be awarded to students with appropriate scores on either the AP exam or SAT-II test. Credit will not be granted on the basis of having native knowledge of a language other than English or on the basis of the number of years of high school study. If, however, you wish to continue studying a language you studied in high school or your non-English native language, your placement in a Lehigh course will be determined on the basis of your prior language experience. Refer to the Modern Language Placement Summary for additional details.

Anticipatory Exams

You may be eligible to take a Lehigh anticipatory exam during the orientation period.

  • In order to take an anticipatory exam, you must meet criteria (e.g., achievement test scores, previous college level courses) established by individual departments.
  • Anticipatory exams are available only for courses numbered less than 100, and not all courses and departments permit credit by this type of examination.
  • No examinations are available in English or foreign languages.

If you want to take an anticipatory exam, you must notify the Office of the First-Year Experience by emailing by the deadline. The email must indicate the title and number of each Lehigh course for which you want an exam (refer to the catalog for course titles and numbers). The Office of the First-Year Experience will notify you if the exams you request are available. Please be advised that this is a declining practice at Lehigh. Unless you have advanced placement or transfer credit, in most cases it is to your advantage to take the Lehigh course.

College Credit for Courses Taken While in High School

If, during your senior year, you are studying a college course at another institution, you may be able to have credit transferred to your Lehigh degree program. The student is responsible for ensuring that all necessary documents are provided, and all credit must be evaluated within one year of the student's matriculation at Lehigh University. All questions regarding college credit for courses taken while in high school should be directed to the Registration and Academic Services Office (

International Baccalaureate

Students who earn the international baccalaureate may be granted credit in higher-level or advanced subjects with scores of 5 or better or "B" or better. All students will have their credentials evaluated on an individual basis for specific course equivalency. Lehigh must receive the Official IB transcript before credit will be assigned.

Other Transfer Credit

  • Courses must be taken at an institution that is accredited by one of the six regional associations.
  • A grade of C or better must be earned in order for course credit to transfer to Lehigh. 
  • No credit will be granted for continuing education units courses, correspondence, independent study, or any course less than 5 weeks and/or 15 contact hours per credit without the advanced approval of a petition to the Standing of Students Committee.
  • No credit will be granted for a course in which the student has already received credit for its equivalent at Lehigh.