Undergraduate Grants

Several grants are available through the College of Arts and Sciences. Please click the READ MORE or APPLY HERE link to see specific deadlines and additional details.

College of Arts and Sciences funding available:


CAS Undergraduate Research Grants - (Apply here)

The College of Arts and Sciences offers funding to encourage students to engage in independent inquiry, artistic creation, and scholarship, under faculty supervision. These grants are intended for undergraduate students in the college, from all divisions (Arts, Humanities, Mathematics, Social and Natural Sciences). Travel, research supplies, and other valid expenses may be budgeted in an individual grant. Research should be completed within one year of receipt of the award. There are two application deadlines per year, one in mid-October and another in mid-February. READ MORE

Strohl Grants - (Apply here)

Made possible by a generous gift from Dale S. Strohl ’58, the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and the College of Arts and Sciences offers funding to encourage students to engage in independent inquiry, artistic creation, and scholarship, under faculty supervision. The Dale S. Strohl ’58 Awards support research in the Humanities and Social Sciences for students working with any Lehigh faculty member. These grants are intended to expand the experiences, perspectives, and skills of our students through involvement in research. Travel, research supplies and other valid expenses may be reimbursed up to the limit of an individual grant. Proposed research projects must be independent and outside the requirements of a Lehigh-led study abroad experience, summer course, or other formalized experience. During the academic year, undergraduate research grants may fund up to $3,000, or up to $5,000 for Senior Thesis projects. Summer Strohl undergraduate research grants may fund up to $5,000. There are two application deadlines per year, one in early October and another in February. READ MORE

Grants for Experiential Learning in Health - (Spring applications for Summer funding)

The College of Arts & Sciences has grant funds available to first years, sophomore and junior undergraduate students to support experiential learning activities in health. Students who meet the qualifications and whose proposals are accepted by the committee may be awarded a grant of up to $5,000. An experiential learning activity is an independent, hands-on research or real world experience that advances the student’s understanding of health or healthcare. Funding is available to use over the summer, applications are typically due mid-February. READ MORE

CAS Study Abroad Grants - (Apply here)

The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences has established a fund to provide financial support for CAS students on short-term or "off-cycle" study abroad programs, such as those taking place during winter break, spring break and summer. Funds may also be used for "on-cycle" (Fall/Spring semester) study abroad experiences. These funds are only for credit-bearing study abroad programs. The funds can be used for Lehigh-led programs, or for approved study abroad programs facilitated by an outside or third-party provider. The application requires a written statement, detailing the study abroad experience, if language study is being pursued, and how the study abroad experience fits with your larger educational or professional goals. Student eligibility will be reviewed by the study abroad office, and level of need and academic standing may be considered. CAS Study Abroad Grants may fund up to $3,000. The College of Arts and Science's Study Abroad Grants are provided by gifts from our generous donors. As a condition of accepting this funding, awardees may be asked to provide a written thank you note or card to our donor(s). 

The following are links to Lehigh's approved-for-funding Study Abroad programs for:

  • Winter 2022-23 (list provided by the Study Abroad Office)
  • Spring 2023 (searchable database of approved Spring semester programs)

If you are interested in a Study Abroad program that is not on the list for Winter or not in the database for Spring, then that program is not eligible for Lehigh grant funding. If you have questions, or would like to know more about Study Abroad opportunities, please reach out to the Study Abroad Office.

General questions about CAS undergraduate grants can be directed to Jessecae Marsh, Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary Programs and International Initiatives.

Department and Programs available funding:

Art, Architecture, & Design Study Abroad Grants - (Applications have closed for Fall 2022)

Asian Studies Study Abroad Grants - (Apply here)

Language Immersive Study Abroad Grants - (Apply here)


Africana Studies Grants - (Apply here)

Eckardt Scholars Reseach and Project Grants - (Apply here)

Environmental Fellowships (Summer) - (Spring applications for Summer funding)

IDEAS Research and Project Grants - (Apply here)