Integrated Learning

To us, integrated learning means combining what you learn in the classroom, whether it's theory or technique, with the solution of real-world problems for real-world "clients." Integrated learning programs do not generally lead to a credential like a major or a minor, but they provide an experience parallel to credential programs. Students pursue integrated learning experiences through a variety of means, including coursework with integrated learning components, courses designed to provide integrated learning projects for teams of students, projects for individual students, and internships. In addition to these programs, students can get 'hands-on' experiences in a many of our courses.


The Integrated Product, Process, and Project Development (IPD) Program integrates the three fundamental pillars of successful product design and commercialization: design arts, engineering, and business. Student teams produce technical and feasibility studies, design mock-ups, develop working prototypes, and prepare business plans for real clients. IPD emphasizes a solid grasp of engineering science, industrial design, business fundamentals, good communication skills, a superior understanding of the design and manufacturing process, and an appreciation of multidisciplinary teamwork. The IPD program director is Prof. John Ochs (Mechanical Engineering).


The Lehigh Earth Observatory (LEO) engages students and faculty from all four of Lehigh's colleges. Students from economics, political science, Earth and environmental science, civil and environmental engineering, history, art and architecture, and education are among those who have staffed LEO projects. LEO activities emphasize communication and information sharing across the disciplines. The range of projects includes water-quality monitoring on the Lehigh River, the development of a geographic information system for the Lehigh River watershed, operating a seismic station and a network of weather-monitoring stations, and collaborative work with the Nature Conservancy and the Wildlands Conservancy.