Global Studies

GS 001: Introduction to Global Studies
4 credits - Two sections available - CRNs 41127, 45080
Globalization - the historical and continuing integration of peoples, cultures, markets and nations - is the defining characteristic of our century. It brings with it advantages and disadvantages, surfeit and suffering. In this interdisciplinary course, the foundation of the Global Studies major, students will be introduced to a variety of historical, critical and analytical perspectives, methods and vocabularies for continued study of globalization and social change. Priority given to CAS freshmen and sophomores.
Attribute/Distribution: SS
GS (POLS) 003: Comparative Politics
4 credits - Two sections available - CRNs 45034, 42509
The political systems of foreign countries; approaches to the study of comparative politics.
Attribute/Distribution: SS
GS (REL) 011: Intro to World Religions
4 credits - CRN 44758
Living and working in a globalizing 21st century requires an understanding of diverse religious and cultural identities. In this course, students will be introduced to the history, ideas, and practices from a wide variety of the world's religious traditions.
Attribute/Distribution: HU
GS (HIST) 017: Democracy's Rise and Fall
4 credits - CRN 45101
The promise and perils of democracy from the ancient world to the present.
Attribute/Distribution: SS
GS (HIST, LALS) 049: The True Road to El Dorado: Colonial Latin America
4 credits - CRN 43083
Examines the initial encounters of peoples of Iberian and African origins with the indigenous civilizations of the Western Hemisphere. Explores the development of a colonial economy and its global reach. Focuses on the birth of a distinctive Latin American society and culture, with attention to the Latin American patriots who fought for their freedom. No prior knowledge of Latin American history required.
Attribute/Distribution: SS