Asian Studies

ASIA (THTR) 055: Indian Classical Dance
2 credits - CRN 42926
Introduction to the history and practice of Bharatanatyam, a classical dance style of India. Understanding basic footwork, hand gestures, and body movements, and how they are combined to convey emotion, meaning, and imagery. Traditional repertoire, music, terminology, and the spectator's experience of the dance. Course fee of $270.
Attribute/Distribution: HU
ASIA (IR) 063: U.S. - China Relations
4 credits - CRN 45037
Introduction and analysis of the historical context and key aspects of contemporary US-China relations: Cold War US containment, rapprochement and diplomatic normalization; American arms sale and the Taiwan controversy; conflict and cooperation in the Korean Peninsula; economic interdependence and frictions; human rights and security relations; Asian regional disputes. Students may not receive credit for both IR/ASIA 063 and IR/ASIA 163.
Attribute/Distribution: SS