Mathematics Courses

For more information about Math please refer to our Mathematics Courses page and for Calculus placement criteria please refer to the Calculus Placement Guidelines page. 
MATH 000: Preparation for Calculus 
2 credits - Four sections available
Intensive review of fundamental concepts in mathematics utilized in calculus, including functions and graphs, exponentials and logarithms, and trigonometry. This course is for students who need to take MATH 051 or 021, but who require remediation in precalculus. The credits for this course do not count toward graduation, but do count toward GPA and current credit count. 
Attribute/Distribution: ND
MATH 012: Basic Statistics 
4 credits - 8 sections available
A first course in the basic concepts and methods of statistics with illustrations from the social, behavioral, and biological sciences. Descriptive statistics; frequency distributions, mean and standard deviation, two-way tables, correlation and regression; random sampling, rules of probability, probability distributions and parameters, parameter estimation, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, statistical significance. Note: Mathematics and Statistics majors may not receive credit for both MATH 012 & ECO 045.  
Attribute/Distribution: MA
MATH 021: Calculus I    
4 credits - 20 sections available 
Functions and graphs; limits and continuity; derivative, differential, and applications; indefinite and definite integrals; trigonometric, logarithmic, exponential, and hyperbolic functions. 
Attribute/Distribution: MA
MATH 022: Calculus II   
4 credits - 16 sections available 
Applications of integration; techniques of integration; separable differential equations; infinite sequences and series; Taylor's Theorem and other approximations; curves and vectors in the plane.
Prerequisites: MATH 021 or MATH 076 or MATH 031 or MATH 097   
Attribute/Distribution: MA
MATH 023: Calculus III   
4 credits -  16 sections available
Vectors in space; partial derivatives; Lagrange multipliers; multiple integrals; vector analysis; line integrals; Green's Theorem, Gauss's Theorem.
Prerequisites: MATH 022 or MATH 096 or MATH 032   
Attribute/Distribution: MA
MATH 043-010: Linear Algebra    
3 credits - CRN 40169
Matrices, vectors, vector spaces and mathematical systems, special kinds of matrices, elementary matrix transformations, systems of linear equations, convex sets, introduction to linear programming.   
Attribute/Distribution: MA
MATH 051: Survey of Calculus I 
4 credits - 8 sections available 
Limits. The derivative and applications to extrema, approximation, and related rates. Exponential and logarithm functions, growth and decay. Integration. Trigonometric functions and related derivatives and integrals. 
Attribute/Distribution: MA
MATH 052: Survey of Calculus II
3 credits - CRN 43695
Techniques of integration. Differential equations. Probability and calculus. Partial derivatives and extrema. Multiple integrals and applications.
Prerequisite: MATH 051 or MATH 021 or MATH 075 + 076
Attribute/Distribution: MA
MATH 075: Calculus I, Part A 
2 credits - Two sections available - CRNs 40170, 42318
Covers the same material as the first half of MATH 021. Meets three hours per week, allowing more class time for each topic than does MATH 021.   
Attribute/Distribution: MA
MATH 081: Calculus I with Business Applications
4 credits - 12 sections available
Limits and continuity; exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions; derivatives; extrema; approximations; indefinite and definite integrals. Applications with emphasis on business and economics.
*Must be in the College of Business; If in the CAS please contact to request an override into MATH 081. 
Attribute/Distribution: MA
MATH 082: Calculus with Business and Economics Applications II
4 credits - CRN 43846
Integration by parts, Riemann sums; differential equations; series; Taylor series. Vectors, inner products and projections; functions of several variables, partial derivatives. Multiple integrals; vector-valued functions. Applications with emphasis on finance and economics.
*Prerequisite: MATH 081 or 021 or 076 or 051
Attribute/Distribution: MA
MATH 205: Linear Methods
3 credits - 7 sections available
Linear differential equations and applications; matrices and systems of linear equations; vector spaces; eigenvalues and application to linear systems of differential equations.
*Prerequisite: MATH 022
Attribute/Distribution: MA