Art, Architecture, and Design

ARCH 034: Digital Drawing and 3D Modeling
4 credits - CRN 43358
In our increasingly visual world we often need to present ideas in realistic, expressive, and engaging ways. This introductory course presents the basics of digital drawing and rendering through the lens of architecture, but is intended for students of all disciplines interested in visual communication. This project-based course focuses on the essentials of AutoCAD, SketchUp, and Revit supplemented with V-Ray and Photoshop for rendering. $100.00 Additional Lab Fee.
Attribute/Distribution: HU
ART 001: Art and Architecture History: Ancient to Medieval
4 credits – CRN 41835
Survey of art and architecture around the globe, from the world's earliest artistic and architectural production through the 14th century. European, Middle Eastern, African, Asian and Central and South American works are covered. The course also serves as an introduction to the vocabulary, concepts, and methods of art and architectural history.
Attribute/Distribution: HU
ART 003: Two-Dimensional Design
4 credits - Three Sections Offered - CRNS 42194, 42196, 44116
This class will present the foundations necessary to understand, discuss and create in the two-dimensional visual world. Using variety of materials and techniques and digital media, students will explore the concepts of line, form, shape, value, texture, space and color. Required for all Architecture, Art, Art History and Design majors. $100 Course Fee. 
Attribute/Distribution: HU
ART 004: Three-Dimensional Design
4 credits - Two Sections Offered - CRN 42197, 42198
An introduction to the basic elements and principles of design. involves use of various materials to solve 3D design problems in studio and computer lab. Problem solving in variety of materials for 3D design including assemblages, models, constructions, and conceptual forms. Required for all majors in department. $100 Course Fee. 
Attribute/Distribution: HU
ART 007: Digital Photography
4 credits - CRN 41690
Intensive work in photography as fine art using digital input and output. Lectures, demonstrations, critiques. $100 Course Fee. *Department Permission required. 
Attribute/Distribution: HU
ART 011: Drawing I
4 credits - Two sections offered - CRNs 44089, 41108
Concepts and practice of drawing, both traditional and contemporary. Includes drawing from life and an introduction to materials and techniques. $100 Course Fee. 
Attribute/Distribution: HU
ART 013: Sculpture I
4 credits - CRN 41320
Projects directed toward developing design in sculpture. Exploration of materials and their application. Emphasis on sculptural form as it relates to techniques. $100 Course Fee.
Attribute/Distribution: HU
DES 098: Motion Graphics
4 credits - CRN 45098
Motion graphics takes art and design elements: shapes, objects, photographs, type and gives them movement. We explore effects techniques applied to short video and work with abstract transformations in time. $100 Course Fee.