Philosophy Seminar Series: "Contemplation and Desire" by John Hare (Yale University)

Tuesday, November 15, 2022 - 11:30am
Abstract: This lecture will start with Aristotle’s conception of contemplation and then consider how it has been modified by subsequent theologians within the Abrahamic faiths who have wanted to synthesize his ideas with their sacred texts. In particular, the lecture will look at three questions: What is the relation between contemplation and desire? Is it the human who contemplates or something divine in the human being? What is the relation of contemplation to the rest of human life? The lecture will examine the intellectualism of Ibn Tufayl, Maimonides, and Meister Eckart. It will conclude with some remarks about Bonaventure and Duns Scotus, and about the ranking of active and contemplative lives. About: John Hare taught at Lehigh from 1974-1989 in the philosophy. Department. He did his undergraduate degree at Oxford and his Ph. D. at Princeton. He has taught also at the University of Michigan and Calvin College and is currently at Yale University. He has published eight books and a hundred articles, mostly in the areas of moral philosophy, the philosophy of religion, the study of Kant and Aristotle, and International Affairs.

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