PHIL 001: Introduction to Philosophy
4 credits 
Philosophy is a broad discipline which critically addresses many different branches of human experience. Aesthetics, politics, ethics, religion and even the structure of the world have all represented great sources of philosophical discussion in both eastern and western traditions. Study of historical and contemporary texts will introduce students to this vast philosophical universe and provide the skills necessary to benefit from its further exploration. Course not open to seniors.
Attribute/Distribution: HU
PHIL/MATH 014: Symbolic Logic
4 credits
This course is an introduction to logical theory. Our primary goal is to study the notions of logical consequence and provability. The central question that we will try to answer is this: What exactly does it mean to say that some conclusion is a logical consequence of or is provable from a certain collection of premises? To answer this question as clearly and rigorously as possible, we will develop three symbolic logical systems: Term logic, Sentence logic, and Predicate Logic.
Attribute/Distribution: MA